Beyond CP7: Upgrading to Cognos 10

With Costpoint 6.1 entering sustaining support mode on October 1st, the time is now to assess the impact that this upgrade will have on all aspects of your back office, from your IT infrastructure and end-user efficiency to your reporting and business intelligence. Since the upgrades of Costpoint and Cognos are independent of each other, many Costpoint users are choosing to upgrade to Cognos 10 before they begin their Costpoint 7 upgrade. This not only spreads out the workload but let's users take advantage of the new features immediately.

This webinar featured a discussion on upgrading to Cognos 10, including:

  • Technical considerations prior to upgrading
  • Timing and planning your upgrade to minimize risk and maximize content availability
  • Migrating from DPM to CER and what to do with your existing reports/packages/models
  • Licensing changes post-Cognos 8
  • New features in Report Studio, including Active reports, collaboration, and more
  • Integrating with Cognos BI

Make sure to contact us if you have questions relating to the functional or technical upgrade of Costpoint 7 or Cognos 10.