Mergers & Acquisitions: A Focus on IP Rights Webinar - Top 10 Take Aways

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   NeoSystems Corp. and Squire Patton Boggs Provide "Top 10 Most Important Intellectual Property Protection Safeguards for U.S. Government Contractors" to Help Companies Minimize Risk of IP Loss and Devaluation 

  1. Data Rights: Specifying Data Delivery in Contracts. Requirements for data production, respective rights and government obligations must be stated in the contract.
  2. Rights in Data Assumptions: Know what agreed upon FAR clauses for Rights in Data in target acquisition's contracts.
  3. IP Ownership: Know what ownership rights are actually possessed by the government versus the contractor. Make a checklist. Red flag risks. Maintain a clear money trail on IP developments.
  4. Unlimited rights vs. Limited Rights vs. Restricted Rights: Thoroughly understand the caveats of each set of rights.
  5. Commercial Rights: Push for IP to be a commercial item. Commercial is King!
  6. Pre-Award and Performance Notice: Stay on top and understand them completely!
  7. Mark your IP: Know the different between "confidential" and "proprietary"
  8. Prime vs. Subcontractor: Be fully aware of what rights are conveyed to and from the subcontractor to prime to the government.
  9. State and Local Opportunities: Be cognizant of state rules for publicly posting proposals. Mark confidential data appropriately.
  10. Perform Regular Audits & Address Issues in the Purchase Agreement.
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