iDashboards for Nonprofit Organizations

iDashboards is an information management tool that provides graphic visualizations of your organization’s key data. This business intelligence software simplifies complex data from multiple sources to provide your board, management, staff, and volunteers with at-a-glance details of current performance.

iDashboards is web-based dashboard software that is easy to install and maintain without programming or coding. With rapid development for visually powerful dashboards, your team can make important decisions based on real-time information.

The software integrates your organization’s key performance indicators (KPIs) and other metrics from databases, data warehouses, spreadsheets, XML, and other data sources—real time—in a single location. NeoSystems’ expert team can design charts, maps, graphs, and other graphic elements in iDashboards to provide just the top-level information your team needs day-to-day. With iDashboards, you’ll also have the ability to drill down on a specific department, program, or process for more in-depth analysis.

Some iDashboards features include:

  • Drag-and-drop dashboard designer framework
  • Point-and-click chart designer
  • Hundreds of chart types and maps, including the new image plot chart
  • User-level customization of dashboards
  • Report scheduler and SMS alerts
  • Connectivity to relational databases, Excel, Google Analytics,, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Presentation charts: Slideshow, ViFrame, ViGraphics, and ViGallery
  • Support for mobile devices


iDashboards for Nonprofit Organizations

With iDashboards, nonprofits can more accurately analyze data to track donations, grow their outreach and membership, and more. NeoSystems can customize your organization’s dashboards based on your data sources, business metrics, KPIs, and organizational goals. 

Having real-time dashboards and alerts can transform nonprofits’ ability to monitor funding and costs, and comply with government regulations. iDashboards provides nonprofits with a robust, cost-effective dashboard platform without burdening your IT resources.

Examples of nonprofit dashboards and KPIs include: 

  • Financial: Donations by month, average donation, new memberships, cost per dollar raised, donor demographics
  • Program: Average cost per service, demand predictability, efficiency ratio, people serviced, resource allocation, service development
  • Executive Scorecard: Volunteers, staff development, outreach efficiency, donations per state, expansion per city 


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