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Insight Session: One Face to Your Project Success: Uniting Costpoint and Cobra

October 09, 2013 | BY: NeoSystems
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Deltek provides an automated interface within Costpoint that allows you to map your financial structures to your earned value structures in Deltek Cobra. However, these mappings can vary for different contract types.  We will be presenting a session called “One Face to Your Project Success: Uniting Costpoint and Cobra” that will walk through the different interface options and discuss tips for setting up the interface.

The Costpoint to Cobra Integration Tool allows you to automatically load the actual costs from Costpoint 7 to Cobra 5. This tool is flexible and can be used to accommodate the highly configurable nature of both the Costpoint and Cobra systems.  Most of Deltek’s clients require having different project structuring in Cobra and in their Costpoint accounting system.  The Deltek Costpoint to Cobra integration gives the ability to map one project in Costpoint to a project in Cobra, or map multiple projects in Costpoint to a single project in Cobra—providing the flexibility between systems that Deltek clients need.

The integration tool is very sophisticated and will require a coordinated effort from IT staff as well as users of Costpoint and Cobra (if they are not the same).  So invite everyone to this session.  You’ll be glad you did!

Please join me on Tues., 15-Oct at  4:30 PM for “One Face to Your Project Success: Uniting Costpoint and Cobra” in Grapevine 1-2 Ballroom Level.

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